More than 9,300 recover from COVID-19 in Iowa last week

More and more Iowans are recovering from COVID-19.

As of Thursday, Iowa had a 54 percent increase in cases of people recovering from COVID-19 and a 3.5 percent increase of recoveries from COVID-19 in Marshall County.

In Marshall County 953 people have recovered from COVID-19 and 26,291 have recovered throughout the state.

There were 40 new cases of COVID-19 in Marshall County, according to the Iowa Department of Public Health’s COVID-19 website. This week’s totals bring the county to 1065 cases since March.

This week saw an increase of 3.9 percent; 1025 cases confirmed on June 25 to 1065 on Thursday.

There are 112 active COVID-19 cases in Marshall County.

According to the IDPH data, 65 percent of the reported cases of COVID-19 across the state have been from Caucasians; 6 percent, Asian; 9 percent, African American; 1 percent, Native American; 1 percent, native Hawaiian; and 23 percent, Latino.

Only slightly more men than women have been infected with 50 percent of the cases being male and 48 percent, female.

People between the ages of 18 and 40 made up the majority of confirmed cases with 48 percent; people between the ages of 41 and 60, 31 percent; people between the ages 61 and 80, 12 percent; people older than 81, 4 percent; and 5 percent have been younger than 18.

Last week ended with 29,965 confirmed cases and this week comes to a close with 33,246 cases. There were 3,281 new cases reported in Iowa.

Marshall County has the eighth highest number of COVID-19 confirmed cases. In front are Polk with 6,959; Woodbury, 3,281; Black Hawk, 2,394; Buena Vista, 1,725; Johnson, 1,374; Linn, 1,333; and Dallas with 1,330.

At least 739 Iowans have died from COVID-19 and 19 of those deaths were residents of Marshall County.


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