Pothole probs? There’s a number for that

The City of Marshalltown opened its pothole hotline Friday with promises of making those seasonal hazards disappear.

As warmer temperatures arrive, the city is prepping for those pesky potholes to develop.

“When water flows or stands on the street surface from snowmelt or spring rains for an extended period of time, the holes are sure to form,” a city news release stated.

Residents are encouraged to call 641-844-1888 and leave a message with an address or approximate location of problematic potholes. City crews have started to fill them between snow events if the temperatures permit.

But make no mistake, winter is not in the review mirror. The city is again asking the public’s cooperation with snow events.

• Keeping vehicles off the streets during plowing operations enables the city to safely and efficiently remove snow and ice.

• When possible, avoid traveling until snow and ice control operations are complete. Less traffic expedites our operations to provide you safer driving conditions.

• Refrain from pushing snow from your property onto or across any street. This removes or covers up the de-icing materials the city applies to the surface.


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