York marks 42 years of service at Fareway

CONTRIBUTED PHOTO In June, Tami York will have been working at the Marshalltown Fareway for 42 years. York said the anniversary will “drive right on by.”

Fareway shoppers in Marshalltown have undoubtedly either been greeted by Tami York’s smile or seen the fruits of her labor.

Come June, York will have been with the Marshalltown store for 42 years. She got her start in the grocery store as a junior in high school back in 1979. She had a few other part-time jobs before donning the black slacks and white shirt for Fareway. She worked as a waitress, at a flower shop and as a lifeguard.

Yet, York was drawn to Fareway in part because her mother frequented the store. She got her start as a checker and carrying out groceries. She went on to order for several departments in the store and worked in produce before taking up her current position as scanning coordinator. She earned that title about seven years ago.

York’s duties include pricing all of the grocery items, overseeing the computer systems and preparing advertisements.

Of all the roles York has played at Fareway, her current position has been her favorite.

“I did love checking because of meeting all the customers,” she said.

It’s York’s love for the Fareway customers that has kept the job fun for 42 years.

“I like meeting the different people and Fareway has been good to me,” she said. “It’s very family oriented and just a good overall company to work for.”

She doesn’t expect a big bash in honor of her 42-year anniversary, but her longtime store manager Harold Youngblood said any festivity at Fareway was required to include at least one special item.

“One thing Tami always made, she makes these pickle wraps. She makes them out of her homemade jalapeno dill pickles that are the best,” Youngblood said. “I’m talking the right amount of heat. Tami always knew that I expected to have pickle wraps.”

Youngblood, now the store manager at the Decorah Fareway, worked with York for 17 years in the Marshalltown store. He said York is a one-of-a-kind employee.

“Where to begin? She’s just one of those employees who no matter how much responsibility you give her, she makes sure the job is followed through on and done correctly,” he said. “She’s very knowledgeable and picks things up quickly. She’s just one of those employees you can rely on.”

York grew up in Melbourne and lives in State Center with her husband of 25 years, Barry. She has three step children and six grandchildren, all of which live nearby.

York is a three-time employee of the year.

While 42 years might seem like a milestone to most, York said the anniversary will be just the start of another year at a place she loves to work.

“It will drive right on by. I won’t even know,” she said.


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