Marshall County storm is damage unknown


The entire state of Iowa was affected by a big number of storms and tornadoes Wednesday. Some of those storms hit Marshall County.

According to Marshall County Emergency Management Director Kim Elder, only one tornado may have touched down on Wednesday in the Green Mountain area.

“As far as touchdowns we think, there was one,” she said. “They’re out doing surveys today. So they will determine whether it actually was a touch down or not. So actual numbers we won’t know until surveys are done.”

Elder said there were reports of a funnel cloud in Melbourne Wednesday night but she has not seen any evidence of a touch down so far.

“The Weather Service was given all the addresses and they’re out today, So we’ll find out if we have evidence of a touch down there, but so far I haven’t seen pictures of evidence,” she said.

Elder said as of Thursday afternoon she had not heard of any injuries from tornadoes, hail or lightning, but said some may have gone unreported.

Crews were out surveying areas for tornado damage on Friday.

“They just started in the morning and they’re doing all the counties,” Elder said.” So they have quite a few to do. They’ll do the worst damage first, then they’ll work their way down to possible touchdowns, but they’ll do the surveys for any actual evidence of damages first.”

She said the state’s emergency alert system switched vendors on July 1, so people now have to re-sign up for emergency updates, by going to this link: https://homelandsecurity.iowa.gov/alert-iowa/?fbclid=IwAR21EjRzsIQv1QpAfKQ6z4A_v9WpyWtc9feerc7c5uR-5fY0UKD0R9ykQ6w.

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