Oktemberfest parade shows community pride

Brock Severson smiles and friends wave and call out to him.
Marshalltown Community College represents their athletes and dance team.
A mother covers her child's ears as the fire truck blasts it’s horn signaling the beginning of the Oktemberfest parade.
Young locals watch as the Oktemberfest Parade begins with the flag bearers, police vehicle and fire truck.
A local firefighter tosses candy in full gear.
A farmer shows off a great looking tractor.
A Concrete Inc cement mixer starts it’s run down Main Street.
A parade attendant makes a creative effort to increase his candy haul.
Pentz Appliance pays tribute to Jesse Fox as they make their way down Main Street.
Young kids ride a float and throw candy to excited locals.
A parade marcher shows her patriotism.
A mother and child get comfortable as the extensive parade gets underway near 7th street.
The Roland Story Marching Norse bring high energy to the Oktemberfest parade.
A group of musicians plays worship music on a trailer as they pass through the parade.
Marshalltown Christian School teachers, students and family represent their school.
Young locals watch and participate in the parade and enjoy great September weather.
Todd Steinkamp, owner of KFJB AM & 93.9 FM smiles to waving attendants.
Parade attendants watch from Main Street.
The Nashlia-Plainfield High School Marching Band walks the final block of the parade.
Participants give their final waves as the parade ends at 2nd Avenue and Main Street.
A young man shows off his style as he watches the parade pass.
Kyle Martin from News Talk 1230 KFJB AM & 93.9 FM announces the parade from the community bandshell on Main Street.
Parade attendees stand at attention as a passing band plays patriotic music.
Fans look on as construction and utility trucks close out the parade.
A mother covers her child's ears as the fire truck blasts it’s horn signaling the beginning of the Oktemberfest parade.
The Marshalltown High School Marching band plays “The Final Countdown” by the band Europe during the first block of the march.

Downtown was a hub of activity Saturday morning as the annual Oktemberfest parade filled the streets.

The theme, Fire, Ice, Iowa Nice, could be seen throughout the many parade entries.

T-R photos by Austin Chadderdon


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