Making family resolutions

Over the holiday break, my family participated in a “stay-cation.” No fancy trips, just time at home to relax, clean, organize and have fun as a family. Now, it’s a new year and we are reconnecting through board games. In the spirit of setting goals for the new year, what resolutions did you make for your family? If you haven’t yet, here are some suggestions.

Take your adventures outdoors

It’s been said that 90 percent of our best childhood memories occur outdoors. If your activity can be done outdoors – do it! Iowa has seen some unseasonably warm weather lately, so consider taking the family for a bike ride or for a walk. Resolve to spending more time outside.

Pay it forward

If you have a friend, family or neighbor who has fallen on tough times…spread a little cheer by creating a cheer bag with games, snacks and puzzles. Your family could also make and take a meal to help. Teaching children to help others, will help them appreciate what they have. It is possible that your actions just might inspire someone else to do the same thing. Resolve to help others.

Record your memories

While cleaning, I discovered boxes (and boxes) of photos. My goal for 2019 is to protect those photos and place them in albums to keep them protected. A fun family activity might be to take those photos and create scrapbooks together. Or, in the age of digital print, your family can create photo books together. Resolve to save memories.

Love more

This simple little act can change the world. Simply, take the unexpected or quiet moments to share a simple, “I love you” or pay a compliment. Start and end each day with these three words. It is a no-cost gesture that does not take extra energy or time to complete. Resolve to love more.

Put down devices

Make this the year that you make a strict rule in your household: No phones, computers and other devices at mealtime. It’s amazing how refreshing and rewarding it is to have a conversation with actual eye contact. Resolve to connect directly with one another.

Become environmentally friendly

Take steps to become more environmentally friendly as a family. Get your children involved in recycling, teach them to always turn off the water while they brush their teeth and make sure everyone flips off the lights when they leave a room. Resolve to protect the environment.

Be prepared

Make sure you know how every family member in your household (including your pets!) would stay safe in case of a fire, or depending on where you live, an earthquake, hurricane, tornado or other natural disaster. Resolve to be be safe!

I hope your family is enjoying the start of a prosperous new year. Send me your family’s resolutions!


Carrie Kube is a Director for Iowa River Valley Early Childhood Area Board. All thoughts and opinions expressed are that of the author and not the Board and/or its community partners.