Some common sense is needed

Strange, isn’t it, that some environmentalists have such a two-sided view of conflicts of interest?

When climate change research happens to be funded even in part by industry and turns out to ratchet down the near-panic over global warming, it is labeled as bunk. That happens even when the science is solid.

Now, in a clear slap at Donald Trump’s skepticism about climate change alarmism, French President Emmanuel Macron has awarded 18 scientists, most of them Americans, multi-million-euro grants to relocate to France while Trump is president. They can do their global warming research there, Macron has said.

What, pray tell, is the difference in conflict of interest between industry funding climate change studies and someone convinced that global warming is an imminent threat such as Macron doing so?

Nothing, of course. If doubt should be cast on research results when the work is paid for by industry, the same level of skepticism should be present when the money man clearly wants results that will back up his position.

For the record, few doubt that the climate is warming – though maybe not at the speed some analysts claim. But some others, like Trump, wonder just how much of the change is due to human activity and how much is a natural cycle.

Plus, the skeptics point out, there is reason to believe that forcing new regulations on Americans that could drive up our cost of living and kill millions of jobs would do very little to affect global temperatures.

Don’t expect any of that to be pointed out by Macron’s scientists.