Support Central Iowans moving onto the State Fair

Pigs raced. Kids showed livestock. Audience members cheered, clapped and danced. Cooks grilled up and perfected a variety of dishes. Even the Iowa Secretary of Agriculture made an appearance.

From new events to old traditions, the Central Iowa Fair again made its mark. The fair is reflective of our community with its displays of a mixture of interests and service. Thanks to the many months of hard work by both organizers and participants, the events were successful at creating a fun time for people of all ages and backgrounds.

And while it wraps up for many of us in the area, Central Iowans who won a variety of contests are not done yet. These winners will move on to proudly represent our community at the Iowa State Fair in August. We know these individuals will represent us well. The state fair, much like the Central Iowa Fair, showcases all that is great about our communities and our state. It’s one of the best times of the year to reflect on who we are and celebrate all things Iowa.

Of course, agriculture is a huge part of who we are. Our local farmers and producers help put food on the table locally, across the state and around the world. What our community and those across the state provide through agriculture is crucial to our economy. It’s such a norm to see vast rows of corn and smell the hogs as we drive by, that we sometimes forget to think about this.

But our regional and state fair aren’t soley about agriculture. Our fairs celebrate every aspect of our communities from entertainers to craftsmanship to local business. With all these interests of our community and many others represented at the state fair, it’s no wonder so many are drawn to the event.

Perhaps the best part of our fair and the state fair is its family atmosphere. There is so much that kids can learn from practicing and ultimately participating in events. The learning doesn’t stop with youth, though, as there are activities for anyone and everyone to find out something they didn’t know before. Is there anything more Iowan than hands on learning, great food and farm animals?

Oh, and if you didn’t already gather, the Iowa State Fair is a great time, too. It’s said that nothing compares. We wish the Central Iowa participants good luck and hope you will go support them if you are able.