Video is a concern

On March 28, a video was made by Todd Magel with KCCI concerning Marshalltown and the upcoming new census. In this video, David Barajas, the chief executive officer of the Marshalltown Regional Partnership is interviewed. Mr. Barajas expresses a concern about the Trump administration’s proposed citizenship question on the upcoming census. Mr. Barajas says: Questions like that provide an opportunity for some people to, whether they are here legally or not, to maybe want to step back in the shadows a bit, and he thinks that would be a real harm for our community. Why? Why would the truth harm our community? Is Mr. Barajas suggesting to some that it is OK to step back and not answer the census question? The census is supposed to be an accurate account of who is living where in the United States, and data from the census is used to give us proper representation in Congress. It is my opinion that a person with the position of CEO would serve us all better if that person was a cheerleader for the truth and proper representation. Is the statement made by Mr. Barajas in the video his personal opinion or the official opinion of the Marshalltown Chamber of Commerce? That is unclear to me, but he is the CEO. I am very troubled by what Mr. Barajas says in the video, our longtime membership with the chamber could be in jeopardy. The chamber of commerce is to be a leader and partner for business and quality of life in our area. It is my belief that Mr. Barajas could be taking us down the wrong avenue.