Response to ‘Capitalism vs. Socialism’

It was disturbing to read the Walt Williams editorial, “Capitalism vs. Socialism” in the May 26 Times-Republican. Many who read this will equate socialism with sloth and capitalism with freedom and only those two choices are available to Americans. What he doesn’t understand is that the society must have a combination of both to thrive. Pure socialism has been proven, as he stated, to destroy a society. However he ignored the fact that pure capitalism creates the equivalent of slavery and will eventually destroy the society.

There is little difference between the slavery of the south where the landowners lived in luxury and current business owners who pay non-living wages to folks who may not be creative enough to pull themselves up. As those business owners glean obscene profits from the efforts of their employees who often are in poverty.

Those who benefit the most from capitalism should share more of their gains for the benefit of not only the whole of society, but also because they benefit more themselves when they do.

I appreciate the social programs the government provides such as national defense, law enforcement, public education, roads and highways, social security, medicare, even the farm programs that enable affordable, reliable food and so many more. I also appreciate the collective laws and regulations that protect citizens from unscrupulous individuals and companies that would harm folks in order to create greater profits. Unbridled capitalism is even more harmful than socialism.