Disinformation on Trump accomplishments

I normally read the “Our Views” section, shake my head and move on but the disinformation in “Trumps accomplishments since inauguration” were just too much to ignore. Lie No. 1 Obama was a millionaire before entering office made possible by authoring two books. Lie No. 2 Adolf Hitler was not a socialist, he was a fascist, yes they were called the National Socialist German Workers’ Party but any resemblance to socialism ends in the name. He came to power by spouting populist rhetoric (yeah like Trump) Hitler preached class warfare (yeah like Trump). Hitler blamed minorities for all the bad things happening to his downtrodden supporters, just erase Jews and insert Mexicans (yeah like Trump).

Now let’s highlight his lifetime of accomplishments, who hasn’t filled for bankruptcy six times and I have yet to figure out how a casino goes bankrupt. Trump has alienated most of our allies, kissed Vlad and Kim until his lips are turning a strange shade of brown and the list goes on.