The changing path to health care

My family owes a great debt of appreciation to our local hospital and staff. Jody and I have eight grandchildren ranging in age from 8-months to 18-years old, and every one of them was born at the local Marshalltown hospital. The hospital has gone through many changes and difficult times. I’ve had grandchildren born during the best of times for the hospital, and I’ve had grandchildren born during the most difficult of times for the hospital.

Yes, the hospital has a remarkable history in Marshalltown. It’s hard to believe that the future is more important than the past. But it is.

One of the struggles is health care changes almost every day leaving no clear path to navigate. UPH-M takes one positive step forward, and we have to adjust to the right or to the left to get back on the changing healthcare path.

Yes, it’s frustrating when your future doesn’t have a straight and never-changing path. But at UPH-Marshalltown, we’re up for the challenge. Insurance companies are forcing hospitals large, and small to look for better, more efficient and cost effective ways to help people get healthy and stay healthy. We can do that.

There is a shift away from traditional inpatient hospital services and towards out-patient care, home care and preventative medicine. We can do that too.

To be successful we/UPH-Marshalltown must concentrate on what we do best. The ER is here 24/7 to respond rapidly to critical health care situations. We also continue to offer the core services you want and depend on, ranging from urgent care to family care to same-day surgery, advanced diagnostic imaging and high quality care when you need it most.

Nationally, hospitals are in a period of redesign, reviewing how healthcare services are being delivered to the customer/patient. UPH-Marshalltown is no different. Even though the future path for healthcare design and delivery may still be developing, at UPH-Marshalltown one path is laid in stone. We want to earn your trust and respect by providing committed and dedicated medical professionals to improve the health of the communities and the patients we serve.