The culture behind school shootings

The culture behind America’s school shootings. So far this year, we have had more than 20 school shootings in the United States. What is going on in American culture and in the schools? For one thing, we have cut back in mental health services. There are multiple reasons why American culture has produced more school shootings. Let me share a few of my thoughts about the culture and school shootings.

We have had a very long history of gun violence in this country. Today, those in power, are wanting to limit free speech and limiting civil liberties. I have a concern about what is happening. For too many years now, we have been making millions of dollars off of many wars. During world War II there was no military contractor that made any money off of that war. What has happened since World War II? We have a culture that gives politicians all kinds of money, to keep the gun industry alive and healthy. Pope Francis, in speaking to the U. S. Congress a couple of years ago said this, “It laments me the blood money that you make off of war products.”

In the very last major school shooting in Santa Fe, Texas, the shooter shot up the school because he was rejected by a girl.

This comes from a culture soaking in the narratives of self interest. This comes from a culture of shame and the high expectation of wealth and even more wealth. What is it teaching the children? Where is the value of love that is found in American families? Where is the value of nonviolence? Where is the value of empathy found in the public schools? In the country of Denmark, they are teaching “empathy” in their schools. Wouldn’t it be nice to be teaching empathy in our public schools? Would it not make a difference in bullying that goes on and on in many of the schools.

Ours is a culture that starts at the top. Why do we need to be spending so much tax money on 800 military bases in the world?

After the last national election, 44 percent of American youth that voted stated we need a radical change in the culture and political system. The students at Parkland High School in Florida where there was a major shootout, have organized a national movement that will affect the midterm election that is coming up in November. We older Americans need to listen to these youth leaders and change some of the gun laws here in America. Let’s help them take away some of their fears about going to school and the fear of getting shot. Our youth want to see some radical changes in the culture today. We must make some deep changes in the culture to make it safe for children.

In closing, “Be the change you wish to see in our country and in our world.”


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