Appreciates Pitts column on bigotry

Thanks to the T-R for printing the writings by Leonard Pitts especially his May 8 column challenging Sen. Marco Rubio’s support for Trump to answer the question “What is the functional difference between being a bigot and just voting for one?”

I am thankful that I belong to the majority of the millions who did not vote for Trump. I am extremely grateful my only remaining sibling did not support him either, it would be difficult to navigate this old world if my only brother was a Trump supporter.

I am good friends with a very knowledgeable Presbyterian minister and we have shared concerns over the Evangelical community and their support for Trump. We both wonder what they tell their children and grandchildren about Trump. What influence does Trump have on their young minds? I recall the verse in the New Testament in Mark Chapter 9:42 “whosoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him if a great millstone were hung around his neck

and he were thrown into the sea.”

In an earlier letter I wrote that a writer once said “there are two powerful forces fighting for mental supremacy they are kindness and cruelty.” Cruelty is the albatross that hangs around Trumps neck.

It is apparent that Trump has become a cult figure with the Evangelical community and supporters like Leo Lounsberry, of Marshalltown. Lounsberry’s June 18 letter was quite a piece of work that could be compared to an awakening Rip Van Winkle. So I will refer back to Pitts question and ask Lounsberry and the Evangelical community “What is the functional difference between being a bigot and voting for one?”

Now in regards to May 9 letter “I am native born; do not try and manipulate me” by Jinita Boyd from Marshalltown conservative writers have been bad mouthing the word diversity for years. Life would be extremely boring if all I saw was white. Now let me set the record straight to all those white bigots, there are no illegal people. However there are extremely corrupt economic systems that destroy lives and the environment which makes the economic system illegal and unjust for billions of people around the world. That is the major cause of mass migration across borders.