Raising a Godly family Jerry Waterman

When a family receives a new member, by birth, it is a time of expectation and joy. For a short time, the little one just lays there, taking in nourishment and listening to sights and sounds. It begins to mimic what he sees the family doing. One day, my cell phone rang! I still own a flip-top that uses smoke signals to communicate. When I snapped open the cover, this childish voice began to speak. Our great-grandson, Aiden had grabbed his grandpa’s smart phone and began dialing. When he heard this familiar voice, he took off jabbering and laughing. When I paused to breathe, he would speak again. Each of us may not have understood the other but, in families, do we really hear what others are saying?

We carried on the conversation until grandpa heard him talking; he knew what was happening, he made the mistake of putting his phone where little hands could get it. The mystery of this story is that this little guy is only one year and two months old. He toddles from room to room, just looking for something to appeal to him. Even though we cannot understand the language we used, it is nice to know that someone is thinking of you. I wonder if God is waiting for a word from us; something to know we haven’t forgotten him. Wouldn’t it be nice to have some technology that would reach the spiritual ears of the one we need to contact? But there has always been God technology and it is called prayer.

We may not understand it because it takes faith to operate it since we do not hear an audible sound in return. Prayer is a power that only works between the creator and created. I wonder at the future of this little guy who is already adept with electrical appliances. What will the future hold? Will he make good choices? It is up to the family to make sure that he knows what the world holds for him–much of it is spiritually destructive. But human life is not what we strive for, we are automatically given that gift. It is the Heaven, beyond death, that we set our sights on. If he is to understand that, he must be taught spiritual wisdom by spiritual people. He happens to live in a family who makes sure he hears God’s words.