Supporting law enforcement

An article on the front page of the T-R on June 20 (‘Keeping I.C.E. out of Iowa’ draws dozens to Marshalltown) was interesting. We continue to hear that Marshalltown should be welcoming to all, but apparently that doesn’t extend to some of the law enforcement officials hired by the taxpayers. The article does not state who paid for the speaker to travel to Iowa from Texas to give advice. Following the money trail could be informative.

Personally, I welcome all law enforcement officers to the community whether it is from the Marshalltown Police Department, the Marshall County Sheriff’s Office, the Iowa State Patrol or Immigration and Customs Enforcement. All have duties to perform and are paid by our tax dollars. I think it is money well spent. My hope is that many in the community would welcome all our hard working law enforcement officials. Our Neighborhood Watch is fortunate to have a deputy attend our meetings. We respect him and are grateful for his expertise.

In the article mentioned, Salvador Cervantes gave an example of “cruel” immigration laws and policies, separating undocumented children from their families at the border. The parents made a choice to enter this country and put their children at risk. The outcry over this policy (which at this time may have changed) is amazing. There are many children in the U.S. who are separated from their parents also and is the media screaming about that? These children are separated from parents who are incarcerated. Parents who make choices that are unlawful may be separated from their children whether it is at the border or here in Iowa. It is very sad for the children when their parents make those choices.

Using children to push a certain agenda has been used over and over. If you are interested in history look back at posters used in World War I and World War II or read studies that show how children with their big eyes evoke certain responses. You can research and see pictures showing Stalin or Hitler with young children, or more recently look up the picture of a grinning Kim Jong-un taken visiting an orphanage in North Korea in 2015. They used children then to promote an agenda and that tactic is still being used. The hardworking law enforcement officials deserve our gratitude and respect, all of them, including I.C.E.