A man who stood above the crowd

Once in a person’s liftetime someone will come into your life who will stand head and shoulders above the crowd. I knew such a man for 70 plus years. He was a devoted husband, a great dad and a wonderful grandpa. Besides this, he held down a full-time job. Most men would quit at this time, but Laurel did not.

He took on the fight with WWII veterans both men and women. He looked out after the gold star mothers, the wounded warriors, the handicap veteran and all that needed help. He never gave up the fight for men and women in the VA Clinics in Iowa and around the nation.

This great man has left us now and as he sails off to heavan, there will be no rough waters, only calm seas. Laurel, our God place a special blessing upon you and bring you peace of mind. Laurel, I’ll miss you, but you’ll always have a place in my heart.


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