Mollie was a piece of Iowa

I didn’t know Mollie, but since hearing of her disappearance, I had thought of her every day. I had hoped that she was alive and that she was enduring whatever situation she was possibly in. In Iowa, all the communities tend to blend together, we often joke while driving through small towns, that if you blink you’ll miss it. Brooklyn, not as small as some, certainly not as large as others, was a piece of Iowa. Mollie was a piece of Iowa. When that piece goes missing I like to think that so many of us can feel it. These communities, these people, they are no longer separate, they are one. Mollie, for whatever reason, served as a tragic reminder that our lives can be changed in a moment’s notice. Although, not religious, I believe that our souls are something we cannot explain. I like to believe hers right now is running free knowing her loved ones can lay her body to rest and find some sense of closure in this madness.


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