Let us start honoring the truth

I would not rise up in support of abortion, but I will rise up in support of the truth.

Last Sunday on TV an untruth was stated and I, at first believed it and it made me ill — and even at age 91 was ready to march to Washington D.C. in protest. It was stated New York voted a mother could have her baby aborted even as late as a day before her nine-month delivery.

I gave a lot of thought to this as I arrived home and calmed down and asked, “Would a mother carry a baby for nine months which isn’t easy and then abort?” The answer to my question is “no.” If she was to abort it would have been much earlier, which doesn’t make it right .

This came up for discussion at a small group at The Embers and a friend stated it would have to be considered if there were three little ones at home that would need a mother to take care of them and there was complication at the end of nine months and the doctors could only save one. It was stated too, abortion might be considered if a 13 year old was raped and you would fear she might not make it through delivery or she had no means to support the baby. With question after question in a very complicated situation as President Clinton stated on TV — “no one believes in abortion, but there are cases.”

I’m not saying this in support of a party but will give further discussion of the truth. When it was rumored Hillary Clinton destroyed a server with a hammer, looking it up on a smart phone recently it stated she did but that was before she was named as secretary of state so there was no classified information, which certainly would have kept people from voting for her.

Then too, when information circulated locally that Hillary and her bus crew, last election, didn’t pay their bill or didn’t leave a tip at the Maid Rite in Tama, my husband and I in our 80’s drove over and spoke with the manager and he stated they certainly paid. They all left a tip and one man even left a $100 tip.

So — do we want to believe an untruth or do we really want to honor the truth? I truly believe in our two-party system. I want it to work so we can have blessings from our dedicated government officials and I so believe in this system that I have voted both ways but try to be understanding and fair.