Presumptuous to blame man for climate change

According to information in a press release dated Jan. 8, 2018 from the American Meteorological Society “lightning strikes decreased to 17 million in the U.S. in 2018, an 11 percent drop from 10-year average.” It goes on to say “the likely reason for the reduction is simply that there were fewer big storms.”

According to the News Corp Australia Network March 18, 2018, “Something odd is happening beneath the South Atlantic. It’s punching a hole in Earth’s radiation shield….At the heart of the matter, geologists believe, is a disturbance in the outer core of the Earth’s interior. This superheated pool of molten metal is what generates the magnetic field.”

In light of all the uncertainties concerning the Earth/space relationship it’s a bit presumptuous to blame or suggest that man could change the climate if he tried to.