County road to Grimes Farm hard surface

Marshall County has a wonderful bright spot for entertainment, fresh air, exercise, education and more right here on the west edge of Marshalltown. Marshall County Conservation and Grimes Farm offers all those things and more. Workshops on various topics are offered regularly for kids and adults. The Playscape is a wonderful addition to the area and offers a variety of fun, hands-on play areas for kids and even an ‘eagles nest’ where you can sit and relax. The tower west of the office draws many visitors and hikers. I have volunteered on Saturday mornings to welcome visitors from all over the country and the world to enjoy all the taxidermy and nature scenes inside the conservation office. It is a shame the visitors driving to this great site have to dodge pot holes and hope their vehicle doesn’t get nicked with whatever rocks are on the road. It is time for Marshall County to make the conservation office and Grimes Farm a more inviting destination for our residents and the many visitors who stop there by making that short stretch of road a hard-surfaced road.


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