Developer should pay for sidewalk

First I would like to comment on the Nona Eaton letter in the March 30 paper that I agree with her.

Second, I think she left out the reason for the trail connection to start with. If I remember right, the developer may have come up with the idea to have the trail include a sidewalk for his development of apartments. They wanted an ordinance change so they wouldn’t have to put a sidewalk along Sixth Street and the taxpayers could pay for it. This is what I think is wrong. The developer can put a sidewalk along Sixth Street to no where like other property owners have had to do in the past per city ordinances. Let’s hope the city council will vote this down and the developer pays for the sidewalk instead of the taxpayers in town.

And the city administrator was authorized by the council to hire an engineering firm for around $60,000 to do a study? I wonder when the city council members will finally wake up and say enough is enough in hiring outside help and use what we have or forget about it. That’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it.


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