Questioning Linn Creek trail

In review of Nona Eaton’s “Your View” about Linn Creek trail connector project, the grant applied for over $1 million which did not get approved. The project was put on hold for now.

Shouldn’t we question the burden of using taxpayers to fund these projects? The taxpayers already have the $600,000+ IRS penalty fines from the school board. Can we be expected to pay this in property tax? It may be better for a sales tax vote. Then everyone will contribute. Looking at our Main Street and homes gone or under repair from the tornado would seem a better choice to get our town up and going before these projects not needed. Marshalltown is a great place to live and raise our children. So many places to go — restaurants, parks, entertainment, etc. Let’s help keep the businesses here — not tax them out of business. The Marshalltown Strong is a great logo.