Take advantage of U-Haul deal

As a native of Marshalltown and previously having served on the city council, I commend the council for working with the nationally well known quality firm U-Haul. Although we are not as fortunate like Ankeny and Bondurant in growth, we need to take advantage of a business firm willing to spend money renovating the old building and the parking lot. This will be a plus to that site and to Marshalltown.

A classmate recently returned to Marshalltown and was amazed at the destruction caused by the tornado. We went to lunch at El Portal. He looked at the large vacant K-Mart building

and the broken up concrete lot. He sadly said that it reminded him of some areas in Detroit. He was concerned about the impression people get about our town with this

vacant building and heavily damaged parking lot. Let’s keep Marshalltown Strong.


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