Where is the 10 cent gas tax going?

avel roads will get better after the frost goes out” did not happen this year. All rock roads in Iowa are in really bad shape. They have been getting worse for many years. It is known that most of us country folks fill our tanks at least once a week.

Multiply that by two or more depending on how many persons either drive to town daily or as of lately, to transport kids to and from school as buses can not run on sloppy mud roads. Add fuel put in farm equipment.

What is the additional Iowa’s 10 cent gas tax going for? My understanding is a portion would also be used by counties.

We have lived out here for over 40 years. It has been many years since we had a total replacement or even decent amount of new gravel put down. Dumping a truckload here or there each year and spreading it so thin that it ends up graded into the ditch is not working. When our roads get the least amount of rain they turn into black dirt.

I am hopeful that somewhere in the budget the county supervisors will have money for new rock so the county engineer can do their job. I also travel the road to Grimes Farm. I agree, blacktop on it would be a great improvement. As would extending 160th East to the county line.


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