Quiet zone is key to developing quality of life

The recently completed Downtown Master Plan was professionally developed to drive forth efforts to make our downtown an attractive place to live, work and play. The destruction from the 2018 tornado has provided us with a once in a lifetime opportunity to build an incredible downtown district. The depth of research which accompanied the recommendations listed within the plan reflects the efforts we need to take to maximize the success of the plan and hence, our community.

According to the plan, “The railroad noise continues to have a negative impact on downtown quality of life and has also been cited as an issue for the future development of new downtown housing and lodging. This Downtown Master Plan recommends the previously designed rail crossing safety improvements from South 12th Street to South 12th Avenue be implemented.”

As the consultant’s development of the Master Plan, key concerns, needs and interests were gathered though public surveys, focus groups, interviews, website and charrettes. After assembling the public input, it became clear that noise pollution as well as track crossing safety was viewed as an important issue that needed to be resolved. There are approximately 655 horn blasts every day in Marshalltown. While some residents have grown accustom to the noise, it will continue to influence new developers or residents considering downtown living.

Vision Marshalltown strongly supports the implementation of the Quiet Zone. This infrastructure is a key component to developing the quality of life we know Marshalltown needs and deserves. It has the ability to impact the entire community, especially those living, working and recreating near the railroad tracks.