Vote ‘Yes’ for the Iowa Valley Bond Issue

Please vote yes for the Iowa Valley Bond Issue. You might ask what is there for me in this bond issue. Students is the answer and students are the future. We all have a vested interest in the success of our students who are primarily from the MCC area and stay local after completing their education. Since 1966, when community colleges were established by the Iowa Legislature, MCC has provided affordable quality educational opportunities for the community.

Facilities are a vital component to be able to continue to provide quality educational experiences. MCC has built the facilities primarily with successful bond issues over the years which demonstrates the tremendous support of the local taxpayer. “Build It” and they came, “Maintain It” and they will continue to come.

You might ask why the facilities need bond revenue as a funding resource for maintenance. Facilities have not been ignored. Repair and maintenance has been prioritized within the limited resources available. Community colleges operate on a fund accounting basis which means resources are restricted as to their intended use. The 20.25 cent fixed rate levy in support of facilities maintenance has not increased since 1966. These funds are first used to pay utilities which obligates the majority of the plant fund levy leaving insufficient funds for the growing maintenance needs. Aging buildings, changing security, technology upgrades and the need for competitive learning spaces are necessary to protect our educational facility investment.

MCC has been and continues to be a significant contributor to our local economy. You might ask why I should care about MCC. Imagine if MCC had not been in existence the last 50 plus years. Significant opportunities for students would not have been available and a tremendous economic impact would have been lost.

Please vote yes for our students and our future.