Sad to lose Central Iowa Square Club

I was sad to read in the Times-Republican that the Central Iowa Square Club just closed the door. My husband, Jim Connley was the first president and old doc Willard Marble was vice president as we first formed the club back in the 1950s — so it has been around awhile.

The YWCA and YMCA first sponsored us if we promised not to swear, drink or smoke. Jack Wiles came back from an International Meeting of the YMCA in Canada to tell us we were the largest registered Square Club in the world. Would you believe we had 700 members (thus 350 couples) and rented the Coliseum and had money enough for a live band — Dick Bennet from Ackley. I can remember him grabbing me and around the floor we went to a Polka — 123 and a 123 — such fun.

Marble was president the next year and my brother Vance Crabtree was vice president. We had lost some members so we danced in the upper floor of the old Vet building which used to reside on State Street. That was nearly 70 years ago.


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