Is timing right for a library expansion?

The T-R recently published an article informing the public that head librarian Sarah Rosenblum would present details to the city council of a proposed expansion to the buildings north side by way of adding a multipurpose room to “better meet youth programming needs and increased demands for meeting room space.”

The city council-library board work session, which is also open to the public, is to be held at the library at 5:30 p.m. on Jan. 9. I would like to see the council consider the following questions prior to the meeting.

While the expansion may be advantageous in several ways, is it a top priority at this time?

Would the monies potentially allotted by the city to this project take away from monies that could better be used to serve youth/families/the community for on-going rebuilding purposes since the July 2018 tornado?

In addition to seeking city funds and a donation from Friends of the Library, fundraising is included in the financial planning for this project.

Consider the fact that many individuals and businesses in the surrounding area have already dug deep into their pockets to assist in the ongoing rebuilding process.

Are we as a city setting aside adequate funds in case of another emergency?

The city has already borrowed a lot of monies for other projects.

As a community, would we be stretching ourselves too thin to begin yet another project?

The library does a great job in serving the community. They are looking for more ways to improve their service. Yet, I question the timing of this proposal. We still have great needs in the area for the basics, including food, clothing, shelter, jobs, better lighting in some areas and safe streets.

What do you see as top priorities?

Please give these things your careful consideration.


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