The cost of salvation

Many years ago I worked for Fisher Controls. As I was securing two units together with a large hammer and chisel, a burr spun off and pierced my arm. It was a burning, painful wound. As soon as it hit, blood spurted out of a severed vein. As I made my way to the nurse’s office she took one look and called for a cab — I was headed for the hospital.

As long as I held a clean cloth to the wound, I was all right. In the ER the nurses bandaged the wounded arm so it could not flex. They put a sling on to keep the arm in place. Within time, it would heal on its own. If I would have been unable to stop the blood flow, in a short while, I would have been gone.

That long-ago accident made me think about the blood I lost, compared to Jesus who willingly gave his Holy blood. A sword pierced Jesus’ side and salvation became possible for those who believe. Trusting that Jesus died for all sins; it is only this gift that can save us.

Churches used to speak often about the blood of the Messiah but in modern times, it is hardly ever preached in many churches. What a tragedy that is. Sin, and the Spiritual blood that can redeem us, are hardly brought to the parishioner’s ears.

Why is that? We only need to look at what is going on in the world to find the answer. Satan and all unbelieving people are locked in wars of hatred with all manners of violence. True believers are in a struggle to hear the word and keep it active in people’s hearts and minds.

Thank God, my belief in Jesus as the promised Messiah, helped me realize just how fragile human life is and how wonderful is the promise of Jesus’ gift. Not one speck of my blood could cleanse me from my sins, but Jesus has taken care of that with His own life. I am so thankful that my family brought me to a church that believed in Jesus’ promises and was willing to preach the good news.

My prayer would be that the Holy Spirit put this front and center to all the world. Every day we are closer to his return. It is eternally important that we accept that.


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