Save tranquil peace at Iowa River Hospice

This could be you or your loved one, in need of care in a peaceful, tranquil setting when facing your last days. You or your loved one had hoped to remain at home, but that’s no longer possible. You know that in Marshalltown there’s care available in a peaceful tranquil setting; you know because you’ve been there with a friend, a church member or a family member.

Perhaps you took your special person outdoors in a wheelchair to see the prairie flowers or your loved one was on the veranda outside his or her room for one last day of blue sky, sun and fresh air and yes he or she was resting in their bed which the nurse and aide wheeled onto that veranda.

You may have donated to the building of this facility, offered a memorial or donated your time and talent because it matters that, in Marshalltown, we have this special place for a sacred time of life; this place is Iowa River Hospice Home, 501 Plaza Heights Road.

Now imagine you are on that veranda, and you see and hear traffic passing, bass music booming and mufflers banging. How could this be? Well, the City of Marshalltown has a strategic plan that includes opening South Fifth Avenue to run just west of the Iowa River Hospice Home, a mere stone’s throw away from the building.

The land needed for development isn’t for sale; a city official suggested use of eminent domain. The hospice home opened nearly 11 years ago. Clearly the city was involved in the planning and development of this project. Did the city not have some forethought of future development of the area; if so, should they not have informed Iowa River Hospice?

One city official referenced the hospice home as a “gem” to be showcased, while another person suggested the roadway will give better access to the hospice home. Let me say, those who need to find the hospice home find it and find it quickly; we don’t need a road in the backyard of the hospice home to benefit those in their last days of living. Death is sacred; should we not maintain this peaceful, tranquil place?

There are options available to the city; this should not be one. This “strategic plan” may move forward quickly; make your voice heard to city officials, friends, church members and others.


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