Slow down and enjoy your family

I think there may be at least one positive result from the recent pandemic one that we are all having to practice each day, whether we want to or not. In fact it is actually a responsibility we all have to self-isolate, which has an unintended consequence of “slowing down” of our lives and creating the opportunity to spend more time with our families.

No question the threat of the COVID-19 virus has plenty of negatives, not the least is the fear of losing our lives, especially those most vulnerable, first responders and health care workers. The economic impact, is real, impacting the most vulnerable as well, the hourly wage earners that serve us daily in normal times, from restaurants to flower shops. The social impact of not being able to meet with friends, work colleagues, a world without live sports and postponed Olympics. But for those “fortunate” enough to be able to work at home or “not” working, while furloughed or laid off from their work, you have a unique, perhaps once in a life time opportunity to spend time with family and slow down your life. You have no choice! The kids are home with the schools closed, even college kids are coming home with most universities and colleges closed. So, turn this recommended and in some places, mandatory isolation as time to take a pause in your busy life.

Focus on what is really important, your family and perhaps a healthier life style. In thinking about what was really important and memorable in my life, it was most often the time spent with my wife and kids doing everyday things, together. Saturday morning pancakes, that dad actually made and “cleaned up” afterwards, playing Scrabble at the kitchen table or simply taking walks.

I recently retired from a long business career and I can tell you, the memories fade quickly on that “well done” on a Power Point talk or exceeding an annual sales goal. The meaningful times involved family and friends or serving the community.

Yes, there is a lot more to worry about, the health of our older family members, our jobs… but maybe, just maybe the social isolation at home will be remembered as one of those most “treasured” times in your life and those of your family, where you just simply did things together. While enjoying this time together you are multi-tasking by actually doing your civic duty to our community and country by just staying home.


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