Viruses seem suspicious

What’s going on with all these viruses that the United States has to fight to keep Americans safe almost on a yearly basis?

Each virus seems to be worse than the one before it. I have a suspicious mind and I am thinking some of these viruses are man-made to kill Americans. It’s no secret that most of the world dislikes the United States. I am especially suspicious of China. I believe five out of the last 10 viruses have their origins in China – seems a little suspicious to me.

We know China has nearly one and a half billion people and they are hard pressed to feed them. Also, they are an atheistic country for the most part. Their, dictatorship in my mind, would stop at nothing to bring the United States down, even if it means sacrificing millions of their own people.

I hope I am wrong. I am open to a better view. By the way, I don’t believe this is from God.


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