MCC will help with education goals

I am writing this letter to congratulate the 2020 graduates of Marshalltown High School and the surrounding school districts. It has been a very difficult year for these seniors and their parents, dealing with the coronavirus outbreak, social distancing and missing out on the fun spring sports activities, prom and possibly even graduation ceremonies. This class will be known for their ability to adapt to difficult and dangerous circumstances. I congratulate them on their tenacity and toughness.

I would also like to take a moment to offer a small bit of advice to thetse graduates concerning their future educational plans. I know many of them are looking forward to attending one of our fine state universities, private colleges, or even traveling out-of-state to study this fall. I would like to suggest an alternative. With all of our colleges and universities, statewide, transitioning to distance learning this spring and possibly going to a majority of classes being online or through Zoom meetings this fall, why not take all of the required classes with Marshalltown Community College?

Many of our graduating seniors have already earned college credits with MCC during their high school years and saved themselves or their parents a huge amount of money. Why not save even more by finishing the first two years of college close to home? Why pile on more student debt than necessary in these uncertain times? All of our credits are easily transferable to state universities or private colleges and our courses are taught by instructors who have earned either masters degrees or doctorates. We are focused on teaching rather than research or publishing, as are many of the professors at large`come even better at distance learning and making plans to creating a safe on-campus learning environment.

I encourage our high school graduates and their parents to talk about this alternative and go online to register soon as our classes are quickly filling up for this fall. Marshalltown Community College welcomes you and we will do our best to help you succeed in your educational goals. That is our job and our mission. Thank you for your time and careful consideration.


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