The way of the cross

 The book of Romans is sometimes called the Ten Commandments of the New Testament. Within its contents are two special Timelines:

• The laying aside of Abraham’s covenant with the Jews and

• The New Testament inclusion of the gentile world into the family of God.

Because Abraham’s people did not recognize the Messiah when He came, they killed God’s son. They had expected a savior but didn’t believe Him to be this man of peace. Part of that story is listed in Matthew 21:28-32.

After Jesus died on the cross, we are the people who were adopted into the family.

Jesus told another parable about a king (God) who was planning a wedding banquet for those people who had promised to be faithful to Abraham’s covenant. Not long after the covenant began, the people fell away into apostasy and sin. In that story, God told his workers to take away the former covenant (Abraham’s) and go to all the others in the world, inviting us to a new banquet. This feast was different than the first one; we gentiles accepted that invitation.

Ever since the cross, we have been telling the gospel and calling new members to come and dine. But even in our new promise, many Christians failed to remain faithful. We have also failed to tell the gospel to others.

Second Peter 2:21 adds a harsh reality. He says that “It would be better for believers not to know the way of righteousness than, after they have known it, to turn from the holy commandment delivered unto them.”

In Matt. 21:42:44 the Messiah, the cornerstone of Jewish belief, was taken from the Jews and given to the gentiles. Jesus is now the building block that holds the Christian covenant together.

Heaven has become available for all who believe. The new covenant comes through faith, not animal sacrifices. Just like the Jews, we gentiles have a date marked in our future. We will be taken out of the world and the Jews will have another chance to accept their Savior. Sadly, some will and many will not. I repeat this story because faith, belief and acceptance is the key to heaven. It is my wish that not one of us will miss out on eternity.

What is the Holy Spirit saying to you? I pray that you have spiritual ears that hear.


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