Police chief owed great debt of gratitude

Police Chief Mike Tupper is owed a great debt of gratitude by all Marshalltown citizens. How lucky we are to have a thoughtful, intelligent, professional servant leader as our chief of police!

In addition to running a professional and effective department, it is evident that Chief Tupper motivates and inspires not only his department, but others in our city to work together. I have been impressed with Chief Tupper’s outreach to many facets of our diverse community through Shop with a Cop, lunches and various programs for youth and adults. The need for multiple languages has not deterred Chief Tupper’s department from showing respect for the many cultures found in Marshalltown.

The turmoil we have witnessed in so many communities across our nation this week has been a reminder of how fortunate we are to have many leaders intent on listening to our citizens and building our community. I am grateful for Chief Tupper and all our forward-thinking community leaders.


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