Sign says more than pile of rocks

Reading the “Marshalltown Police Leading The Curve” article June 11 reminded me of my letter to you last year disapproving the public art rocks set for placement at the new Marshalltown Police and Fire Station.

In that letter I stated that the hundreds of thousands of dollars allocated for rocks should go instead toward police and fire personal safety.

Why is the project moving forward when in the article Mayor Greer states “we always need more money” and Chief Tupper argues that the department is not adequately funded and is already operating on a shoestring budget?    

How sad it will be that a pile of rock set in front of the station will pay homage to the very weapons used now against police and fire personal.  

It seems to me that the big and bold signage  “MARSHALLTOWN POLICE AND FIRE”  says more than any art pile would say.


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