Unity needed, not violent rioting

After viewing the video on television of the policeman putting his knee into the neck of a handcuffed George Floyd in Minneapolis until he died from suffocation, I was shocked and wanted the police officer to face the appropriate charges.

I believe the majority of the country likely felt the same way, and, in fact, I think the death of Mr. Floyd brought the country together to demand justice.

However, the subsequent incidents of violence, looting, arson and rioting that has taken place since the police officer caused the death of Floyd, have caused a deep divide between those people who think violent protest is justified and those who want the bad cop prosecuted but do not condone violent protesting.

It is sad that an issue that had so quickly united so many in the country, has now sparked violent rioting that most people can’t see any connection to the initial issue of the wrongful death of George Floyd.


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