Make an effort to have a relationship with God

When I was a young boy, I tried to look ahead in time to what I would become. In 1942, with poverty and war the world over, I was wishing for peace and a good job. Because of my youthfulness it was difficult to see past my years and into the future; perhaps most of it was wishful thinking.

But now I live in those years I dreamed about and I can say I was truly blessed.

It was a special treat that I grew up in a Christian family and that is one thing I never wanted to lose — my relationship to God. Between my own efforts to live life and the workings of Satan, it has been a challenging time.

While sifting through scripture, there are stories of humans who failed in their heavenly obedience. Adam and Eve rebelled right away. Abraham and Sarah followed suit. Jonah didn’t want God’s word to go to a nation that he hated. Moses tried to get out of leadership while the Jews were in Egypt. He complained to God that his speech was not what the Creator could use. Jeremiah told God he wasn’t old enough, even though he was thirty. The disciples did not want to be used until they took care of all their life’s work. That has been the way of people through the ages; we never think it is time or we are simply not ready.

But God knows and he often calls to make us aware, everyone who worships him, will be asked to do something for the Kingdom of God. Our on-going daily task is to make sure the world hears about the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

In the book of Ecclesiastes, Chapter 12 verse 13, the author says that mankind is to trust God and keep His commandments; for that is the responsibility of all humans.

There is not another person in all eternity that can bring us from Earth to heaven, except Jesus. If we live in faith and trust, He has paid for our entrance there, once and for all time. Since humans are the ones who have done him wrong, He is waiting for our response.

If Ecclesiastes is right and considering the present condition of world morality, shouldn’t we make a determined effort to have a right relationship with God?


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