Vote for Halverson makes good common sense

Even though the General election is a few months away, people may be thinking about using absentee ballots due to COVID-19 rearing its ugly head and not going anywhere fast.

Here in Grundy County we have the unique opportunity to elect as our District 1 supervisor one of the most dedicated young men that I have known in Lucas Halverson.

Before being deployed overseas with the Iowa Army Nation al Guard, Lucas campaigned fair and square against present supervisor Jim Ross and won the approval of the constituents in the district that wanted a change. He spent his time, money and talents to win the right to be on the November ballot — and deserves the right to represent us. The voters made a choice in the primary giving him the nod, and I firmly agree that Lucas should now have the opportunity to serve.

It is highly commendable that he thinks so much of his county and community to dig into researching the issues facing the county and community in depth, and made arrangements with the Secretary of State to set up a team that would communicate electronically with him and the other supervisors as he serves his country. I am not one bit concerned that we will not have the representation that we were promised.

I am not a registered Republican, but Lucas will definitely have my vote in November. If there has ever been a more dedicated young man in the community I cannot think of many. He has shown his love for his country all through high school and has been outstanding in things like drama, music and community affairs.

Lucas is correct when he said, “The voters in Grundy County made a choice, a choice for change now — not when someone is done.”

He did not wait until supervisor Ross chose not to run – he challenged him fair and square in the primary – and he won.

So I urge my fellow citizens in Supervisor District One in Grundy County to bring the change that you voted for in the primary in June.

Fill in that oval for Halverson all the way — I know we will not be sorry.


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