Blackcloud excellent choice for representative

Christina Blackcloud is running to be our state representative. Voters need to know more about her before giving their support.

Her credentials are remarkable and impressive. She holds two BA degrees – one in business management and administration and the other in human resources. She interned for Senator Harkin in Washington on the prestigious Health Committee. She is active in the local Democratic Party ad has also been on the district board where she planned district activities. She has been on the State Central Committee during various years since 2012. She has contacts at the local, state and national levels. This can be advantageous to Iowa.

Christina has participated in training on how to work with constituents, be an effective leader and practice ethics in politics. One of her strongest commitments is putting women in leadership positions. She herself has a long list of leadership positions in both the Meskwaki Tribe and in her political party.

But Christina has also done the less glamorous grunt work. She has made the phone calls to get Democrats to the polls and knocked on doors for President Obama.

Christina is committed to work with those on the other side of the aisle in a bipartisan manner. She wants you to contact her to learn her current positions on issues as well as to express your views on what steps you want our state to take.

You can feel free to contact her to share your thoughts even if they differ from hers. She wants to be knowledgable about the positives and negatives of all issues. You can be assured that you will be listened to and treated respectfully, and just because there is disagreement, she will never become nasty and disparaging of your and your comments.

Christina will bring knowledge, leadership skills and bipartisanship to the House. She is an excellent choice for representative.


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