We are blessed to have law enforcement

Almost every week, I see on TV an incident where a police officer pulled someone out of a burning car, or an officer helped revive an infant which had stopped breathing next to its hysterical mother. An officer helped deliver a baby one day because the couple didn’t make it to the hospital in time.

One day I saw an officer walking by a man sitting on the pavement against a building without shoes or socks and it was very cold in New York. His heart was evidently moved because he went into a store, bought the man socks and shoes, a box lunch and a hot cup of coffee. Then he continued on his way down the street as he was still on duty, not realizing someone had caught him on camera.

When the Twin Towers were burning with some people jumping out of windows, who ran to help without a second thought? It was law enforcement and the fire department. How easily we forget.

Some people are demanding the police be defunded — even disbanded. Long ago, I remember someone saying, “Be careful you don’t become so broad-minded that your brains fall out.”

If you have a couple of rotten apples in a bushel you get rid of the two bad ones. You don’t throw the whole bushel out.

We do have a serious mental health issue problem that society needs to address and perhaps some reforms or better training could be implemented to help law enforcement.

My heart goes out to the businesses which have been destroyed forever and lives lost, including small children gunned down in broad daylight, and many officers permanently injured or killed by the rioters. There is no excuse for this to continue happening in our country.

I feel we are blessed here to have the police department, the sheriff’s office and the fire department. They should be appreciated and supported for all they do and who they are.

I am reminded of what founding father Benjamin Rush wrote, “Where there is no law, there is no liberty.”


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