Enjoys T-R coverage, columnists

I really enjoyed Times-Republican reporter Joe Fisher’s report Mental Health strain on our residents during COVID, derecho and politics. We are all trying to handle it in our own way.

I like Paul Daniel’s statement that “Hope is not Canceled” in the lives of people who are willing to take steps to move forward. There were others — many reports on ways people were handling their lives.

Joe had another good article about Iowa Valley being pleased with their enrollment and budget.

Another interesting article was written by Andrew Napolitano, a national syndicated columnist, saying what if we ignored the government in handling the pandemic. I think Iowa is doing that as much as any state and we know there are many problems trying to open our state up.

Another good column by Cal Thomas mentioned nobody during the campaign wants to talk about the debt.

We will remember 2020 for a long time. We have a Great God that we can trust and depend on.


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