Please vote for Tony Reed

I write in support of District 71 candidate for state representative, Tony Reed. I find Tony less of a “politician” and more of a “regular guy.” We need more of the latter. He listens to people and does not rush to judgment. He strives to understand their point of view. I find this very refreshing. He genuinely wants to know individuals’ concerns and would be a true representative of the people. Wouldn’t it be great to have someone represent us who is more interested in people’s opinions than political posturing? Wouldn’t it be great to have someone actually respond to us when we write or call? Tony responded right away when I contacted him. I have reached out to his opponent three times with no response.

Tony embraces values that most in this district hold dear. He wants the America we live in to be the America our forefathers founded, a democratic republic that values freedom and the opportunity for all people to have “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” He would stand against the growing tide of socialism and government control. He would support law enforcement personnel and understands the disastrous consequences veiled in “defunding.”

Tony also supports something not talked about much by candidates – the sanctity of human life. Lost in the terrible numbers of over 200,000 COVID deaths is the even more terrifying number of deaths of unborn children, over 640,000 in our country, in the same time period we’ve been tracking COVID deaths. Every day we hear of the mounting COVID mortality and of efforts to stem this tide and protect lives. But who will fight to stop the flood of the death of our children? Who will fight to protect the most vulnerable of lives? Tony will.

And it is not just the vulnerable at life’s beginning being threatened. If we do not maintain a legislature that affirms life at all stages, a bill to legalize doctor assisted suicide will be introduced very quickly in 2021. Do we really want to become a state that deals with suffering by offering suicide instead of compassion and care? I do not. Neither does Tony.

If you want someone to hear you and respond to you, if you want someone who will stand up for freedom and the value of all human life, vote for Tony Reed.


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