Reynolds has failed Iowans

Did you see it? If you didn’t don’t worry, you didn’t miss anything important. Six minutes of old failed strategy, and pleas to her own constituents to “do the right thing and wear masks.” With hospitals filled to capacity, and essential medical personnel working under terrible strain, our governor was too busy to take questions.

We’ve watched the governor ignore the advice of her own medical board, respected infectious disease experts and even Trump’s Corona Virus Task Force. We’ve even witnessed her misappropriate more than $20 million of pandemic relief to update accounting systems. Caught between science, saving lives and the coronavirus deniers in her own party, the governor chose to placate her supporters who believe the pandemic is a hoax.

The issue is no longer “wearing a mask.” Do you believe that the same people who adamantly refuse to wear masks will quarantine when exposed, or when they show symptoms? Why should they, according to them the pandemic is a hoax, and they are supported by a governor who pays for their loyalty with innocent lives.

It is past time for Iowans to recognize that our governor has recklessly, and intentionally, contributed to the devastation caused by the pandemic. In our states greatest crisis in more than a generation, Kim Reynolds has failed Iowans.


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