Lack of knowledge

Have you noticed people living in the US stating that “America never was that great”

By doing so they expose their lack of knowledge of American history.

One great thing the U.S. did in the early 1960s was as part of the Alliance for Progress, pour $359 million along with $128,500,000 from the IMF and $145 million from the World Bank and money from private lenders into Columbia.

Eventually Columbian politicians bungled it.

Another great thing happened eighty years ago in March 1941 when congress passed the Lend-Lease Act and FDR signed it into law. By the end of WWII, the U.S. provided nearly $50 billion in aid to over 30 nations, including China and the Soviet Union. It also provided the foundation for the Marshall Plan , the postwar program that helped many European nations rebuild.

After the War we did not take advantage of, annex, invade, overthrow or otherwise force any nation to become part of the U.S.

I challenge anyone to name a nation that has matched U.S generosity over the past decades.


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