I miss Trump

I miss you President Trump. I remember not that long ago, our wonderful country was energy independent for the first time ever. When you left, the pipeline was immediately shut down, putting thousands of workers out of jobs. You had made a good argument for trade and security for Mexico, Canada and the U.S.

Our military was made strong and ready if needed, but there was no war or threat of one. Our trade agreements with other countries brought manufacturing jobs back to the U.S. Citizens of all nationalities and races were starting companies and having more jobs.

Choice of school was encouraged with plans to better our education system with the basics. Learning from our past history, our Constitution, Bill of Rights and with freedom of speech being a priority for all – not common core or the cancel culture.

Vladimir Lenin said, “Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sewn will never be uprooted.”

Adolf Hitler said, “Let me control the text books and I will control the state.”

Our courageous military and all law enforcement were given more help and the respect they deserve.

A border wall was properly built and almost completed so legal immigration could continue and agreements with Mexico to help both countries.

You, Mr. President, returned criminals like the viciou MS-13 back to their own countries when caught. The drug cartels are making a fortune not just by bringing people through, but with drugs. Remember China produces fentanyl — a deadly drug also being mixed with street drugs. Human trafficking is way up and that’s the real slavery today. Human beings are being sold for profit and many children are included in this.

You spoke of freedom of religion. When the COVID virus hit the world, you were the one as a businessman who formed the task force keeping in touch with all the states to get vaccines and ventilators, providing beds, even two ships to help the hospitals.

Yes, I miss you President Trump because you truly love our country and all the people you worked and fought for, in spite of a media who were many times more like propagandists than journalists. You deserved better.


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