Cattle farming has improved

My family and I raise beef in Marshall County.

On our farm we raise a variety of beef cattle. We keep them both in an open sided barn and in a pasture. We are responsible livestock farmers. We make sure their animals are provided access to clean water, a balanced diet and a veterinary care if needed. I treat my animals with care and compassion because it’s the right thing to do, and healthy food comes from healthy animals.

At the grocery store, there are many labels with various marketing buzzwords that raise questions about how beef is raised. Grass fed, pasture raised, all natural, organic, no added hormones, no antibiotics, Angus beef, USDA prime choice, are just a few of the terms you may findon beef packaging. It’s confusing, but the many ways to raise cattle provide the consumer many choices at the store.

Much has improved in cattle farming throughout our family’s three generations. How we raise cattle today means improved animal health and greater farm efficiencies. We care about the product we raise for the consumer and on our land.


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