Stop the endless noise!

Lately, the sound of loud car and motorcycle engines has become constant everywhere in our town.

In addition, fireworks are being set off all-day, every day. With almost 40 years of teaching experience, I see an increasing number of students and colleagues with anxiety and sensitivity to loud noises. I have many veteran students and others that have suffered from traumas that are dealing with PTSD.

I have pets, and know pet owners, frustrated with how frightened their pets become because of excessive noises. Parents trying to put their children down to sleep suffer when startled. Not to mention wildlife – these noises scare off many birds and other animals.

Research shows that times of quiet in our daily lives reduce stress and improve health. Due to the frequent noise erupting every day and night, I find myself angry and stressed, which is just not healthy.

It concerns me that it is difficult to tell the difference between a firework and a gunshot. This creates problems with reporting to our local police. And don’t forget there is a fire hazard as well. We should not be causing our police and firefighters to put their lives at unnecessary risk.

If we cannot stop these noises can we offer places to go make noise where few live? Can we restrict times of the day that people are allowed to excessively rev their engines? I appeal to all the car and motorcycle owners and those who feel the need to shoot off fireworks to think of our community.

Could you drive out on the highway away from town? Can those who feel they must ignite fireworks find times and places that don’t disturb your neighbors? If you must make noise, take your neighbor a cookie or cup of something and find out when and where would work best. You might just make some new friends instead of enemies.


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