Don’t forget to vote

We are all bearing witness to the new laws limiting access to voting options, to the ongoing practice of gerrymandering manipulating our electoral districts, and to the endless allegations of fraudulent elections. These events affect us all, and it is easy to become discouraged about the act of voting. Many times I have heard people question whether their vote even counts anymore. At times, I have asked myself this question. I always come up with the same answer: the one surefire way to guarantee that my vote doesn’t count is to not cast it. With local elections being held on Nov. 2 and midterm elections coming up in 2022, we have two more opportunities to exercise our right to vote, a right that carries with it the responsibility to participate. Staying informed about changes in the voting laws, familiarizing ourselves with the issues and the candidates, and letting our voices be heard in our communities and at the ballot box go a long way toward fulfilling that responsibility, as does making sure we are registered to vote. You can find instructions on how to register and print a Voter Registration Application at elections.marshallcountyia.gov. If you have questions about how to register or your registration status, direct your calls to the Marshall County Auditor’s Office, at 641-754-6323. We are the people. Now is the time.


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